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We are writing this letter on behalf of our mother, Theresa Miriam Singh, who was a patient at Morningside Mediclinic Hospital from 2016 - 2017.

This recommendation is for Filomena, Rebecca and Dr Barrow and Dr Sewlall, such a phenomenal team!

My mother was referred to Dr Barrow by Dr Barrow senior, as he did not specialise in Hip replacements BUT HIS SON did.

Our mother had been operated on more than 4 times on her spine to remove the pins and three times on her right hip before entering into the care of Dr Barrow. 

She was unable to walk and was always in pain.

When Dr Barrow commenced treating our mother, he had a reassuring calmness about him, we felt that he was always in control and knew what he was doing.  He started to investigate and discovered that she was still infected with Multi-Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) Infection.  This infection meant he would need to clean up her previous operation area's and treat her first for the infection before any operations could take place.  His systematic and holistic approach in treating her was amazing. He arranged that she had a specialist physician and physiotherapist to care for her.  He treated our mother but also nursed our insecurities and fear with empathy and understanding.

Dr Barrow and his team were an answer to our prayers.  Filomena offered us emotional support and guidance. Together with Rebecca they liaised with our medical aid and ensured our mother had the necessary authorisations. They allowed us to focus our energy and time on our mother, whilst they tackled medical aid bureaucracy.

My mum today aided by a walker can happily live a normal life again. They say it takes a village to race a child, so it takes a team of dedicated professionals to cure a person physically and emotionally!

Thank you to Dr Barrow and Team.

- The Blanchards

History (dates more or less) of my hip replacements: Hazel Pawley

RA started just after the birth of my second child in 1966.  I was 25 years old.


RA progressed and in 1978 after several referrals, including Johannesburg Hospital Orthopaedic Unit, I was referred to Dr Frans Weber as he had worked with Dr Charnley.  The reason for all the referrals was my age at 37 and no one knew what the long term prognosis on a hip replacement was going to be.  I opted to have it as I needed the mobility while I was young and old age could take care of itself.  Post-op was wonderful and I went dancing the night I came off crutches at six weeks.  I even walked without a limp and my hip was pain-free.


In 1986 I needed my other hip joint to be replaced.   Operation also very successful.  Had a slight limp post-op.



First hip replacement lasted me approximately 18 years and had to have a redo of the joint

In  1997.  Op successful, but movement sideways of my leg was slightly limited.  Had a slight waddle post-op.


Now I am losing count a bit but I think my second hip needed a redo at maybe sixteen or seventeen years post initial replacement in approximately 2003.   Still kept very active and walking without support but movement more limited sideways.  Having difficulty in getting in and out of cars, etc.    Post-op was fine.  Still mobile.  

Redo lasted until approximately 2009 and I needed to have a 2nd redo making it my 5th replacement.   Also still mobile post-op and coping okay with walking but not long distances.


When it was time to have a 2nd redo on the other leg, I was working at the Morningside Clinic and out of convenience, opted to have surgery at the Morningside Clinic and changed surgeons.  BIG MISTAKE.    After about six weeks post-op the new prosthesis had loosened and was pushing into my pelvis.  I was told by the surgeon that I could leave my hip as it was, have my shoe built up, or have the joint removed completely and I would be pain-free but in a wheel chair.

Cap in hand I went back to Dr Weber I apologised and told him how fickle I was to go to a different surgeon.  Dr Weber subsequently performed a miracle and with new prosthesis and was able to rescue my hip again.  Unfortunately at the time of this admission I picked up a “hospital bug” and was put into isolation when there was a threat that the infection would go to the hip but fortunately antibiotics worked and I recovered.    Post-op walked with limp but still with no stick and coped for another few years. 


Hip slowly deteriorated and in 2017 Dr Weber had retired and Dr Barrow was recommended to me.  Dr Barrow somehow pulled off another miracle and fitted a prosthesis with a spacer to extend my leg as bone had eroded.  Did well post-op but obviously had a limp as one leg was longer than the other.


Dr Barrow replaced my 7th hip joint with prosthesis and spacer.


Subsequent to this I am now 77 years of age having undergone seven hip replacements and thankfully I have remained mobile and walking with a crutch outside but while at home inside, cope well without aid.  Clever doctors and clever surgeries have kept me mobile for nearly 40 years so far for which I am truly grateful.

- H L Pawley

I have suffered with osteoarthritis for many years due to haemochromatosis. I had my first primary hip replacement on my right hip in 1993 which only lasted 7 years and had to have a revision hip replacement in 2000. Both these surgeries were done by an orthopedic surgeon in Pretoria, who retired several years after my revision.

I consulted with an orthopedic surgeon at the Morningside clinic for my yearly checkup, until I started to have problems with the revision and was referred to Dr. Robert Barrow, who has an interest in complex primary and revision hip and knee surgeries.

I had to have several more surgeries due to complications and Dr. Barrow never gave up looking for a solution. Dr Barrow decided that the best route was to have a personalized 3D Prosthetic Hip Implant made in Belgium.

I have now almost fully recovered from essentially the sixth surgery on the same hip, and it’s wonderful to be pain free and walking almost normally once more.

Throughout all these surgeries performed by Dr. Barrow, my husband and I have found him to be meticulous in his approach to patient care.  During the surgeries my husband was continually updated by the anesthetist regarding the progress of the surgery and Dr. Barrow personally called my husband to let him know how the surgery went.

It’s very satisfying to know that a surgeon of this caliber is looking after me, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barrow to anyone in need of orthopedic surgery, whether it be a primary surgery or a complex revision.

I also must give mention to Dr Barrow’s office staff who are always so helpful and accommodating in arranging appointments, to Dr Barrow’s theatre team who always to put me at ease while awaiting my surgery, and to the physiotherapists for my post-operative care.

It is a huge privilege to have Dr Barrow as my orthopedic surgeon.

- Mrs. Fiona Martin


Newer Knowing That there is a Knee replacement operation .I was brought to the attention of what a knee replacement is when my mother in law undertook such a operation .A knee is a delicate and integral part of our body and visiting my mother in law (Maria Di Munno )I was surprised what medical science can achieve. Under the expert hands of DR BARROW Maria was able to experience minimum  discomfort and pain in her stay in hospital. Today Maria  is able to bend ,walk and exercise as if there was no knee replacement and this is can only be a credit to DR BARROW who performed this operation ensuring  there  was no infection before and after the operation ensuring Maria was able to recover and heal quickly.

- Mrs. Maria S. Di Munno

My name is Denis Maroun and I am writing to share my experience with Dr Barrow.

Due to an accident I had to have a hip replacement twelve years ago.

The hip, after a period of six years became infected. After many months of antibiotics  and cleaning out; the infection still did not heal.

I spent many months dealing with this infection which presented itself as a fissure which
drained through a hole in my thigh.

The infection got too bad and I had to
have the hip removed and was advised to live without a hip as it was not possible to have another replacement while I had the infection.

A good friend of mine, Dr Dave Bernhardi told me he was on Dr Barrow’s team and advised me
to consult with him as he felt Dr Barrow could help me.

Dr Barrow took on my case. He liaised with other surgeons to treat the source of the infection.

Dr Barrow then cleaned out the hip and in preparation for another replacement
gave me a temporary hip which I had to leave for a few months to make sure the infection had been cleared.

On the 30th November 2017 Dr Barrow and his
amazing team did a hip replacement.

It has now been eight months since the replacement and I have been infection free and have had no problem with my new hip.

Dr Barrow was absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank him and his team enough. 

I am infection free and am able to walk again and none of this would have been possible without his help

- Denis Maroun

I am Lucia de Sousa Teixeira and am so indebted to Dr.Barrow and am totally in awe of his work ethic, expertise and care.

I took ill after complications with double hip surgery and contracted severe septacaemia, which landed me in hospital where I remained for a very long time including a stay in the isolation ward.

Dr.Barrow treated me with utmost care,medical knowledge and dedication,besides being a fantastic physician he is also an amazing, caring human being.

At times I really thought that I would not make it out of the hospital alive.

I can quite confidently say that Dr.Barrow saved my life and will forever sing his praises and am eternally grateful for his commitment to my recovery.


- Lucia de Sousa Teixeira

I have undergone several hip revisions. Dr Rob Barrow took me on and my hip feels absolutely fabulous!

I commend Doc Rob Barrow for not giving up on me, instead he perservered and I just knew that after the revision op, I will be up and about very soon and that this will be the last revisison!!!

- Sue Blackie

In 2012 my elderly mother fell and broke her hip. She received a hip replacement.

In Oct 2017 she awoke with severe pain in her leg. She was referred to see Dr Barrow at Morningside Medi Clinic, as there was a possibility that there had been another fracture.

That referral saved her life.She was diagnosed with a very tricky fracture. Her health and advanced age added to the risk.

Dr Barrow explained in detail to us the process of having a hip revision and why he felt that she should have the revision done. Although scared she said there was no one she else she would trust to do the operation.

Whilst she was in surgery we were updated as to how she was doing via text message from the doctors in theater. That was AMAZING. Just to know what was happening and that she was OK was a huge relief. That was a first.

I personally think there are very few surgeons who would have looked at my mother's case in the same way and made the effort to save her life.

Dr Barrow and his team are amazing!

Thank you.

- Larga Parker

On the 28th of August 2007, I had a total hip replacement done at a semi-private hospital in Durban.
Sad to say, it was unsuccessful, to say the least. I left the hospital with a leg that was a few centimeters shorter than the other. I had to have the shoe of the same leg raised with every pair of shoes that I bought.
In addition, I had to use a crutch to walk around. The pain never totally left, instead, it grew worse over the years until it became unbearable.

In or around September 2015, my daughter, with whom I live, took me to a 24-hour clinic at midnight because of the pain I suffered. There I was seen by a doctor who told us about Doctor Barrow. Unfortunately, he did not have his contact details. He assured us, however, that he would fix my problem because he had heard about the people he had helped. My daughter, after conducting some research of her own, managed to get hold of his contact details. She took me to see him in, or about, November 2015. In that first meeting, I was immediately confident that we had come to the right place. Arrangements were made, and he performed the revision hip surgery on the 7th January 2016.

I am delighted to say that the operation was a great succuess! From the third day after the operation was done I felt so good that I said to my family and friends that visited me while I was still in hospital, and until now, that second to God, Dr Robert Barrow has saved my life. My leg is the same length as the other one; I no longer have to raise my shoe; I do not have to walk with a crutch to support the leg; and I no longer live with that pain in the hip!

I can reccommend Dr Robert Barrow fearlessly. He is amazing! I thank God for him.

- Eugene Kleinbooi